Missionary Ventures has a vision to fulfill the Great Commission by empowering the church worldwide to make disciples of all peoples.  We are very intentional and passionate about discipleship and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to every nation.

Motorcycles for Leaders

Missionary Ventures & The Christian Motorcyclists Association provide motorcycles to deserving national Christian leaders around the world. We increase their impact by mobilizing them do the work of the ministry more quickly and effectively. This is life-changing and ministry-transforming for leaders who previously were walking, bicycling, or dependent on scarce or non-existent public transportation. Thousands of people in some of the most remote areas of the world have the opportunity to hear the Good news of the Gospel every year as a result of this program.

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Cross-Cultural Training

CAMPO (Centro de Adiestramiento Misionero en Pokomchilandia) is a hands-on cross-cultural training experience. helps participants acquire adaptation and language learning skills necessary to effectively carry out their work or ministry call in a cross-cultural environment. Our trainers are passionate about cross-cultural workers, not only surviving, but thriving within their host culture! While, CAMPO has a distinctly Latin America flavor, the skills learned can be applied universally.

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School Development

PASS (Paths to School Strengthening) program guides schools through a holistic strengthening process focused on growth rather than pre-set benchmarks. Interested schools begin by using our in-depth survey tool which helps them self-evaluate. We focus on particular elements within the key people groups which make up the school community. From this evaluation, we provide training and resources to help schools design their own unique growth-minded school development plan.

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Youth Mission Training

Little Hands offers a seven-year monthly-based programme with more than 80 lessons about mission and resources that will make your classes more efficient. We start with the most basic questions about mission covering Old and New Testament, the early Church and the leaders of modern mission. The next generation has the potential to be more mission-minded than ever!

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