“You are the first…”

In northeast Thailand, Pastor Suphon and Pastor Ying lead communities of believers who want to reach out to others in the Nong Khai province, which hugs the Mekong River along the border with Laos. These pastors and their churches are part of Mission Ventures Thailand who are planting churches all across Thailand and helping them to reach new areas. They are all very excited about the connections and open doors in Nong Khai.

Seeing Their Value Through God’s Eyes

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, unreached people groups are within reach for pastors like Pastor Sethi Munenwa, who lives about 300 km (186 miles) from the Pygmy forest tribes. These tribes have historically been devalued by almost everyone. Through both colonialism and discrimination from other tribes, they have often been thought of as the lowest of people groups. Some even believe it themselves.